About Us

Button Man Gaming started as a YouTube channel in 2015 featuring Jake “Button Man” Martens and his friends in their weekly game night adventures. The channel grew quickly with a Minecraft series showcasing Jake and a rotating roster of side-kicks pulled from the channel’s many followers. The group tried a number of different video series in an effort to carve out a piece of the internet pie, but the steady decline of video games offering split-screen multiplayer made it harder and harder for Jake and his friends to play together.

In August 2017, Jake hung up his controllers and hosted the first board game night at his print shop in downtown St Charles, IL. In the months that followed, Jake expanded his offline offerings with additional open play events on Saturday mornings, Casual Magic the Gathering sessions every Thursday evening, and monthly campaigns for both Dungeons & Dragons and Star Wars RPGs just to name a few.

Along the way, Jake leveraged his print shop prowess to team up with indie board game developers from within the growing community and began publishing their games in house. Today, Button Man offers a line of quick, easy to learn card games that are approachable for new players while also maintaining enough strategic depth to keep seasoned gamers coming back for more.

Check out our game list┬átoday or stop by for one of our events, pull up a chair, and rediscover what it feels like to play like a hero — together.